Factors to Consider when hiring a Tarmac Contractor

When paving and surfacing roads, pavements, driveways and forecourts the material commonly used for this is tarmac. To lay tarmac it requires professionals with the suitable skills and equipment to complete the job safely. A Tarmac Contractor is the ideal professional to contact for any tarmacing needs and enquiries. If you are thinking about tarmacing a driveway or surface then please consult with a professional tarmac contractor and company.

Laying Tarmac

Before tarmac can be laid down it needs to have a solid foundation before tarmacking occurs. Your chosen Tarmac contractor will need to excavate up to ten inches deep of the soil area depending on its stability. Following this a hardcore sub-base will be added, compressed and pushed down. The final step is side blocks are then added to the sides of the driveway and in two layers the tarmac is laid down.

First Layer - Known as the base layer, of tarmac consists of aggregates which are spread across the desired area, pressed and rolled.
Second layer - consists of smaller aggregates which makes the surface look more appealing. Overlay - The hope is this is a permanent process and if done well the top layer can be scraped off and replaced which is called the overlay.

Once the process is complete it should only take 1 hour before you can start using the surface and up to 1 week before it is completely dry.

Professional Tarmac Contractor

Like most construction of industrial jobs, unless you have the skills and knowledge to complete the task yourself it is always best to consult a professional tarmac contractor. A tarmac contractor will understand how to handle the material, assess the area and put in place safety measures necessary. The company will need to measure the gradient of the land in order to ensure long lasting tarmac for your surface area.

Types of Tarmac

Tarmac does not only come in black, although this is the most common colour used. There are other choices that could be considered depending on the tarmac outcome you desire. However, whatever you decide for your tarmac make sure you consult with your tarmac contractor as they will supply you with the best advice for this.

If you are thinking about tarmacking an area of your property is good to keep in mind the cost of tarmac if lower if done in large quantities. Therefore, if you plan on tarmacking an area that may overflow to your neighbours it may be a cheaper option to consider tarmacking with your neighbours to lower the cost.

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